A La Carte Services Legal Administration

S&A’s Administration services keep the busy law firm in mind. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Scheduling & Calendars
  • Client Intake Interviews & Calls
  • Drafting Correspondence
  • Phone Answering Services
  • Transcription & Dictation
  • E-filing
  • Attorney Billing

Discovery/Trial Support

S&A’s Discovery services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Prepare, file, and send (after approval by the Firm) pleadings to request additional time to respond to discovery.
  • Review, import, and store productions from the Firm clients and identify holes in the productions or metadata provided.
  • Perform quality control on production sets according to defined parameters for the case, including date ranges, custodians, topics, etc.

Discovery/Trial Support Fields of Law Experts

S&A’s dedicated team of legal professionals are experts in the following areas of law:

Litigation Law
We are equipped to handle simple and complex litigation matters, from responding to complaints to drafting subpoenas and depositions.

Family Law
We are trained in everything from drafting and filing documents with the court, maintaining matter files, conducting legal research, investigating facts, developing legal arguments, and summarizing cases.

Personal Injury Law
We are qualified to navigate the nuances of each personal injury case assigned. From thorough research to precise documentation, we ensure clients receive comprehensive help, allowing them to navigate the complexities of personal injury claims confidently.

Legal Research Services

We recognize that legal research is essential within the legal space, and sometimes you need a legal professional to do just that. This add-on is strictly legal research with no extra strings.

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