About the Company

Simpson & Associates brings luxury and poise to savvy law firms by providing comprehensive support services. We are a modern business offering law firms a one-stop shop for all their law firm needs. At Simpson & Associates, we cater to the up-and-coming progressive attorney and the outside-the-box business owner. We pride ourselves on being available to innovative business owners and law firms in today’s market. We aim to help small and medium-sized law firms create a progressive, creative, and fully operational business while creating streamlined, effective processes and case management.

About the Owner

Casita Simpson, Founder & CEO of Simpson & Associates

Casita Simpson is the Founder and CEO of Simpson & Associates, LLC. With a fervent passion for innovation and an unwavering commitment to shaping the legal landscape, her proficiency as a Legal Tech Enthusiast is devoted to seamlessly connecting the realms of law and technology. Her proactive and tech-savvy approach infuses every endeavor with a dynamic edge.

Her story is one of evolution, driven by an unwavering commitment to meet and exceed deadlines and optimize processes. Beyond her specialization in paralegal services, her versatile services extend into enhancing the digital footprint. Her holistic solutions encompass everything from crafting captivating CRM designs to optimizing law firm processes for efficiency. She offers unparalleled case management expertise, dedicating time to delve into the intricacies of queries. Moreover, she provides custom CRM consulting explicitly tailored for law firms, guiding them seamlessly through the tech landscape.
Throughout her journey, she has embraced diverse roles within the legal and technology realm. Her experience has led her to recognize a void that exists between ideal processes and practical implementation. She is here to bridge that gap, helping legal professionals optimize their systems for efficiency while harnessing the power of technology. She is dedicated to alleviating pain points, streamlining processes, and offering strategic solutions that redefine how legal and technology coexist. Your brand’s evolution is her mission, and she invites you to join forces to explore boundless possibilities.
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