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We love technology, but we recognize that not everyone does. We understand what law firms need and will consult with you to help you get there.

Engage in personalized collaboration with Simpson & Associates to structure your digital back office. Benefit from hands-on consultancy, co-created systems strategies, and expertly orchestrated systems setup. This will enable you to provide deliberate services and automate labor-intensive tasks seamlessly. 

S&A’s CRM Design Services is for you if you want:

Streamline tasks and admin responsibilities that consistently contribute to your burnout.

Set up sustainable systems that cater to your needs, those of your clients, and your team.

Create a significant influence on the lives of your clients and community while still prioritizing work-life balance.

Scale your law firm with intentional team delegation and internal tools that support your team members

S&A’s CRM Design Consulting

Indulge in our CRM Design Consultation, where opulence meets strategy.

Immerse your law firm in seamless tech navigation with our bespoke CRM consulting.

Advance client interactions to art with personalized strategies as we expertly harmonize tradition and innovation.

Your journey to digital excellence begins here!

Discover the Potential with Casita

Welcome to my corner of expertise and innovation! I’m Casita, Legal Solutions Partner and the proud founder & CEO of Simpson & Associates LLC. I excel in corporate law and process optimization. I spearheaded digital transitions for Virgin Voyages and Crystal Cruises, developing a database for legal documents. With a Paralegal certificate, I aid small to midsize firms in navigating legal complexities and scaling operations. As an entrepreneur, I am dedicated to empowering businesses while giving back to my community, combating food insecurity, and supporting charitable causes.

Ready to take your brand to the next level? Let’s Join forces and explore the possibilities.

S&A’s CRM System’s Audit

Think of this session as a systems diagnostic. We will unpack specific challenges prohibiting the firm from scaling its business.

The intake form you completed provides us with a detailed understanding of the firm’s daily operations and Standard Operating Procedures for nurturing leads and delivering service within its practice area(s) to offer solutions to enhance its backend systems. 

The goal is to discuss ways to:

1. Automate repeatable administrative tasks
2. Help you establish processes
3. Graduate from fragmented systems and redundant programs already supported by your CRM/CMS

If we can save the firm a few dollars in the process by phasing out a program already served through the firm’s CRM, then we’ve done our job right!

We even review engagement letters and other firm collateral to consider every firm element holistically.

At the conclusion of the session, we will:

1. Recommend roadmaps the firm should consider implementing. 
2. Curate a simple CRM Action Plan Handout that the firm can use to train their staff and third parties should you hire us for CRM Implementation. – even if you do not hire us to revamp your CRM, the handout is a helpful resource for alternative implementation options.

S&A’s CRM Design Implementation

Step into a world of expertly orchestrated systems where S&A transforms complexity into simplicity. 

Our seasoned expert team implements systems that align with your unique practice needs. We amplify your firm’s operational prowess by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology, your preferred CRM, and industry best practices.

Our professionals meticulously configure and integrate sophisticated software solutions, ensuring a harmonious synergy between different facets of your practice. The result? A seamlessly interconnected ecosystem that empowers your team to deliver unparalleled service.

With us by your side, stress becomes a thing of the past. Our conscientiously designed workflows and automated systems free you from mundane tasks, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – the law and your clients. Embrace the freedom to live beyond the confines of your office, cherishing life’s moments while maintaining a thriving practice.

Implementation Insight | What you can expect:

  • Curated roadmaps to oblige the firm in navigating which areas are vital to them
  • Automated tasks to keep the firm running smoothly
  • Document generation aligned with the firm’s primary practice area 
  • Workflows to set up steps to nurture warm leads, trigger reminders to avoid missing deadlines, and aid with delivering content to your clients.
  • Templates that support official close matters internally and with the client

Become Enlightened with a 1:1 Design Session with Casita

+ 60 minutes of hands-on consulting from an automation & efficiency expert.
+ Session Recap email with topics we discussed and recommended action steps for implementation.

+ Access to any files & resources we create during your session.


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