Frequently Asked Questions

I can notarize as many documents as you provide as long as you agree to pay the fee for each additional document to be notarized.
Since I am a Florida Notary Public, your documents would be governed under the general laws of the State of Florida.
Yes, I can still notarize your document(s) as long as you agree to the documents being governed by the State of Florida.
The notarial certificate is a written statement, signed and sealed by the notary public, certifying the facts of a notarial act. The two most common are Oaths and acknowledgments.
Yes, but only if you can determine the appropriate notarial certificate that should be included with the document(s) to be notarized. The two most common are Oaths and acknowledgments. If you need help determining the appropriate certificate, just let us know, and we can provide that.
  1. A computer and a smartphone (with internet access) or just a smartphone
  2. Webcam or phone’s forward-facing camera
  3. One of the following United States IDs:
    1. Drivers License
    2. State Issued ID card
    3. US passport
  4. Credit history (used for providing KBA questions)
KBA is a method of authentication that seeks to prove the identity of someone accessing a service such as a financial institution or website.

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